Fight back pain through bodyweight training - Strengthen your back with these 3 exercises!

Back pain can have different manifestations and causes. However, they are often the result of frequent sitting, incorrect movements and lack of muscle activity. These are all triggers that we can treat and prevent on our own, without medical help. In the case of diseases such as herniated discs, scoliosis or lumbago, consultation with a doctor is of course a prerequisite for determining whether and to what extent training and exercise can help.

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How does back pain develop?

If back pain is muscular, it is because our muscles are not challenged enough. The reason for this is wrong daily habits or generally too little exercise. True to the motto "use it or lose it", your back muscles become weak and regress. The lack of strength in your back muscles can then also affect your posture.

What is the job of our back muscles?

The back muscles are responsible, among other things, for keeping the vertebrae of your spine in position. If the vertebrae do not get enough support, they can even put pressure on the nerve cords inside and cause pain. The typical back pain, however, is due to hardening. The muscles become permanently tense because they are too weak, for example, to counteract the daily bent-over body position when sitting.

Watch your body and activate your back muscles!

Solving the problem is easier than you think. Your body needs the necessary strength and power to regain its natural pain-free posture. The remedies: exercise and mindfulness. This way you can avoid many visits to the physiotherapist.

Mindfulness helps you in the sense that you try to discover for yourself when your body is in a crooked or curved position - for example, when you sit for a long time on your purse, which is in your back pocket. The permanent crookedness of your hips affects your spine, which causes pain if you sit in an awkward position for a long time. Also try to be mindful of your sitting behavior and always remind yourself to move or change your sitting position after sitting for a long time.

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Targeted strengthening of the back with body weight exercises

Besides paying attention to your body, you should also actively strengthen your muscles. Create the conditions to experience a pain-free everyday life. Your body weight is fully sufficient to provide the necessary growth stimuli. 

Train functional multi-joint exercises

Much more important than additional weight is the functionality of the exercises. Movements that are performed across multiple joints and with the help of many muscle groups are more helpful than isolated exercises, such as training on guided machines. Another advantage of free exercises is that you can take advantage of different planes of motion. How this works and what it's good for is explained in our article about the three planes of motion

By doing the following exercises you can improve typical tensions, vertebral strains, lack of mobility of ligaments and tendons and cooperation of different muscles.

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group meeting

Get checked out by a doctor!

If your doctor has ruled out the possibility that your back pain is caused by a disease for which strength training is counterproductive, then incorporate these exercises into your workout. Your back muscles will be strengthened and better able to perform their function of keeping your body upright. Irregular training, performed only when pain occurs, will not help you fight your back pain and tension. You should follow a progressive and well thought-out training plan that challenges you continuously. This is the only way you can regularly improve and prepare your muscles for everyday life in a sustainable way. A perfect solution that strengthens your back muscles, makes you more functional and stronger in general and brings you to a new level of fitness can be found in our training program.

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