How it started

It was a sunny fall day when I hopped on my bike and headed out. The goal was the workshop for a routine inspection. But unfortunately, things were going to be different.

I was driving along a country road when a truck cut the road. I tried to brake, but they hardly reacted at all. I crashed hard onto the ground. Luckily I had my helmet and protectors on, otherwise the accident would probably have been much worse.

At the hospital

In the hospital they said that I had broken my wrist and collarbone. My first question was: "When will I be able to exercise again? Although they couldn't give me a proper answer, I was determined to get back in shape as soon as possible and regain my old strength.

Unfortunately, I was told at the hospital that it would take between three and nine months before I was allowed to do any sports again. It was even possible that I would suffer consequential damage. Of course, that was very frustrating, but I didn't let it get me down.

A long journey

After the hook plate that had fixed my shoulder joint was removed, I slowly started rehabilitation training. At first, it was difficult to fully move my arm again because I couldn't lift it overhead due to the plate.

It took five and a half months before I could hang from a pull-up bar again without pain. However, I didn't give up and held on to my goal of getting back into full shape.

Since 20 minutes of physical therapy wasn't enough for me, I also relied on the DIE RINGE app. It helped me to train specifically and systematically and to make progress.


Today, almost one and a half years after the accident, I am fully fit for work again and can do my job again. Although my employer already wanted to fill the position elsewhere. I can also do pull-ups again and am overall much fitter than before.

I'm thankful that through my previous athletic experience and persistence, I managed to recover from the accident and get back in shape. It certainly wasn't an easy road, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished.

My story should encourage other people not to let setbacks get them down and to always believe in themselves and their goals. Because with hard work and willpower, anything is possible.

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