Hanging gymnastic rings - This is how it's easy, fast and tidy

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Choose your training spot

Place the attachment straps over a secure bar, grommets or ceiling hooks. Also, make sure you have a safe place and enough space to hang the gymnastic rings.

Open the buckle

Hold the buckle as shown in the picture so that your thumb is at the top. Make sure that the strap is not twisted. Open the buckle with your thumb.

Feed the strap through the buckle

Feed the end of the strap through a ring and then through the open buckle from below. Fasten the strap by loosening the thumb. Make sure that the strap is not twisted. Carefully check that the strap is securely fastened in the buckle before putting your body weight on the rings.

Position the buckles correctly

Make sure the buckle hangs freely and is not in contact with the wooden ring or other objects. If necessary, fasten the excess strap with the velcro fastener.

Not sure how much space you need to hang the gymnastic rings?

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