"I've been using the app since it's been around and it's gotten better and better. So has my training level, of course - with an average of two workouts a week!"

Urs K.

Urs recommends:

"If you enjoy rings and like to workout independently of a gym (at home or in nature) you'll get solid instruction with the rings app!"

The garden turns into a gym.

As a father of two, time quickly becomes scarce.
That's why effective workouts become even more important, to ensure that exercise isn't neglected. Urs usually trains at home, in the garden, and even on vacation! 

That's what Urs likes best:

"The training programs with clear instructions that can be continuously increased, taking into account the individual performance level. These are topped by various training goals that bring variety to the workout or simply allow for a short training session when less time is available."

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