Poor posture due to weak muscles? A widespread problem!

Who doesn't know this posture? The shoulders are pulled towards the chest, the head stretches forward like a vulture and the arms are rotated inwards so that the backs of the hands point forwards. This typical bad posture is seen more and more often in today's society. The consequences of this posture can be neck pain, headaches and chest pains. In addition, it can impair performance in sports by making breathing worse or movements uneconomical.

Mann mit schlechter Körperhaltung

The causes of such poor posture are usually sitting in a constantly bent forward position, imbalances in the musculature and incorrect training exercises. In our everyday lives, we sit for several hours every day, whether at work, on the couch, on the train, or in the car. The body cannot compensate for the many hours on its own, so wear and tear and muscle atrophy set in. 

What can I do about bad posture?

When the posture is bent forward, the muscles in the front of the body are tense. For example, when sitting for too long or constantly looking at the mobile phone with the head down, the back muscles are neglected and continuously stretched. As a result, the muscles tense up and hardening and pain occur.  

To bring the body back into an upright position, we need functioning back muscles. Therefore, it is helpful in actively strengthen our back muscles in order to improve our posture.

How can I strengthen my back muscles?


Traction exercises are the right choice for strengthening the back. Especially exercises that work in the transverse plane, such as push-ups or rowing, are optimal for strengthening neglected muscles.



The back muscles that bring you back into an upright posture are mainly the lower part of the trapezius, the rhomboids and the rear part of the deltoid.


What exercises should I do to strengthen my back?

In ring training, there are many exercises to strengthen the back and counteract bad posture. Two suitable exercises for the above muscle groups are rowing to the forehead and rowing in a high position.

group meeting
group meeting

Incorporate these exercises into your training and the first step towards better posture is done. However, it is essential that you follow a progressive and well-thought-out training plan that continuously challenges you. This is the only way to regularly increase and improve your bad posture efficiently and sustainably. A perfect solution that strengthens your back muscles, makes you more functional and stronger in general, and brings you to a new level of fitness can be found in our training app.

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