No Gym, No Problem: How Calisthenics apps are Revolutionizing sport routines

Calisthenics apps are on the rise and constantly improving. With personalized workout plans, step-by-step instructions and progress tracking, they offer a convenient alternative to traditional gym settings or hiring a personal trainer. While the results may vary, if used correctly, calisthenics apps can effectively replace these options and provide a cost-effective way to stay fit and achieve fitness goals.

Good Bye - Gym Membership

Gone are the days of needing a gym membership to achieve your fitness goals. With the rise of technology and home workout plans, it's now possible to get in shape and build strength and endurance right in the comfort of your own home and create comfortable workout routines on your ios and android phone. Calisthenics exercises utilize bodyweight movements, are particularly well-suited for home workouts, and there are now many calisthenics workout apps available that can help you structure your workout plan and track your progress. Whether you're a complete beginner and want to enjoy basic calisthenic exercises or a seasoned movement athlete, who is looking for advanced exercises, calisthenics training apps are making it more accessible and convenient than ever before.

Watch the video below to see a beginner workout with gymnastic rings or bar: 

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Building Strength and Flexibility: Understanding the Basics of Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a form of exercise that utilizes your own body weight to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. It typically involves exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and dips and can be done with little to no equipment. The beauty of calisthenics is that it can be modified to suit different fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes, making it a versatile and effective form of exercise. There are different types of calisthenics workouts, such as freestyle calisthenics, weighted calisthenics, and ring training, each with its own unique benefits.

Freestyle calisthenics is a form of street workout where the focus is on developing strength and skill through creative movement, weighted calisthenics is a form of calisthenics that utilizes additional resistance to bodyweight workout to increase muscle mass and strength, and ring training is a type of calisthenics that utilizes gymnastics rings to perform a variety of exercises or training sessions in a calisthenics park.

The focus on bodyweight exercises allows for a natural progression as you become stronger, and the ability to perform these exercises anywhere and with minimal equipment makes it a convenient form of exercise. Additionally, calisthenics workouts also work on improving your balance, coordination and core stability which are essential for overall fitness. By understanding the basics of calisthenics, you can use it as a tool to achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall health and well-being.

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The Criteria for a Killer Calisthenics Workout App: What to Look for when Searching for the best calisthenics workout apps:

When looking for the best calisthenics app, here are 3 tips to keep in mind to jump right into your fitness journey:

1. Variety of exercises - Get full bodyweight training with a Calisthenics App that Offers Exercises for All Fitness Levels

Look for a calisthenics app with a variety of exercises that cater to different fitness levels, including your own bodyweight calisthenics and weighted calisthenics for a more dimensional calisthenics program. This will help to keep your workout routine interesting, challenging and will allow you to target different muscle groups and work on different aspects of your fitness.

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2. Clear instructions - Stay Safe and Improve Your Form

Make sure the app includes clear exercise descriptions and demonstrations of proper form to reduce the risk of injury. It's also important for the training program to have multiple perspectives of the exercises, such as front, side and back views, to ensure you have a clear understanding of the movement and can perform it correctly and safely.

3. Individualized workout plans & progressive overload

Be attentive to looking for an app that allows you a personalized workout plan, which tracks your progress consequently and adapts it for a progression in your workout plan. While it's good if the app has a lot of exercises, at the same time, the exercises must also build on each other in a meaningful way to allow for a progressive increase in load.

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Achieving Your Fitness Goals With Just Bodyweight: Can You Get Ripped With calisthenics apps?

Calisthenics is a great way to achieve your fitness goals, and it is possible to get ripped with just body weight exercises. Calisthenics works by using your own body weight as resistance, which can be adjusted to cater to your fitness level and goals.

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The exercises are designed to target different muscle groups, and as you progress, you can increase the difficulty and intensity of the exercises to continue challenging your muscles. The focus on compound movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, and squats, which work for multiple muscle group at once, can be particularly effective in building muscle mass. Additionally, calisthenics also improves your overall fitness level, by working on your balance, coordination and core stability.

By progressively overloading your muscle with the increased difficulty and intensity of the exercises, you can achieve the muscle definition and strength that you desire. However, it's important to note that diet plays a crucial role in getting ripped, so in addition to training, you'll need to pay attention to your nutrition and make sure you're consuming enough protein to support muscle growth.

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How long does it take to build muscle from calisthenics?

Building muscle with calisthenics takes time and depends on various factors such as your current fitness level, genetics, diet, training intensity and frequency. It's not uncommon for it to take several months or more to see significant muscle growth, especially if you are new to exercise or returning after a long break. However, with consistency and proper nutrition, progress can be seen in a few weeks or months. Patience and commitment to your training plan is crucial, as muscle growth can be a slow process. Everyone's progress is different and it's important to focus on your own and celebrate every small achievement, instead of comparing yourself to others. Consistent training is essential for building muscle, as the muscles need to be challenged and stimulated consistently in order to grow. A good training progression means gradually increasing the intensity, volume and complexity of your workouts over time. This allows your muscles to adapt and progress, reducing the risk of injury and plateaus in progress.

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Breaking Through Plateaus: The Importance of Progressive Overload and Variety in Calisthenics workout plans

To avoid stagnation in your training program, it's crucial to regularly push your muscles by implementing progressively harder workouts. One way to do this is by utilizing progressive overload, which involves slowly raising the intensity or volume of your workouts over time. This can be done by doing more reps or sets, increasing the weight you use, or shortening rest periods between sets.

Increase the intensity in different ways

Additionally, it's important to switch up your workouts by experimenting with new exercises and incorporating different training techniques such as supersets, drop sets, and forced reps. For bodyweight exercises, the intensity is usually increased by performing different variations of the exercise or by switching to the next heavier exercise. This is where calisthenics apps can be tricky to build a good workout plan for your needs.

Furthermore, proper nutrition including enough protein is needed for muscle growth. And lastly, make sure to take enough rest time between workouts to allow muscles to repair and rebuild. By following these tips, you will be able to continue making gains in calisthenics and avoid hitting a plateau.

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Is a home workout app good for calisthenics?

Home workout apps are a great way to structure your training program, and they offer many benefits. One of the main advantages of using a home workout app for training calisthenics is convenience. With the ability to access your workout routine from the comfort of your own home, you can save time and money on gym memberships, and you'll have more flexibility to fit your workout into your schedule. Basically, you have your personal trainer right on your ios or android.

Additionally, home workout apps often have a wide range of exercises and workout plans to choose from, making it easy to find a routine that suits your fitness level and goals. Many apps also include instructions and videos demonstrating proper form, which is essential for avoiding injury and ensuring that you're getting the most out of your workouts.

Furthermore, most apps have the ability to track progress, set goals and even offer challenges that can keep you motivated and engaged with your workout. Overall, home workout apps can be a great option for anyone looking to get into calisthenics, and they offer a convenient, flexible, and effective way to achieve your fitness goals.

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The best calisthenics apps and programs in comparison:


FitnessFAQ is a comprehensive online resource for all things fitness and calisthenics. This website provides a wide range of information on exercise, nutrition, and overall health, making it a go-to destination for anyone looking to improve their physical well-being. With articles, videos, and interactive tools, FitnessFAQ makes it easy for visitors to learn about fitness and reach their goals.


Costs: $95 (lifetime access)
Operating Systems: Website, not really a calisthenics app. You can buy bodyweight workouts and calisthenics programs based on videos and excel sheets.


1. Reliable information

FitnessFAQ is written by certified fitness professionals, ensuring that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. The founder is a well-known Youtuber who provides many interesting and important information about sports science and fitness and has studied physiotherapy.

2. Wide range of topics

The website covers a variety of fitness-related subjects, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to improve their health. It offers different training programs, from beginner programs, tailored to different skills such as planche, or a program only for gymnastic rings.

3. User-friendly format

FitnessFAQ's articles, videos, and interactive tools make it easy for visitors to learn and understand the information provided. The video content is well-designed and presented as super authentic and sympathetic.


1. No personalized evaluation

While the website offers advice, it does not provide personalized assessments or evaluations of individual users' fitness levels or goals. It is up to the user to find the appropriate starting point with the previous workouts.

2. Not all advice may be suitable for everyone

With a one-size-fits-all approach, the advice provided on the website may not be appropriate for everyone and may not take into account individual health concerns or limitations. If you buy the rings-only program, you can not learn the planche or improve your mobility at the same time. Each workout program has to be bought on top.

3. No progression or tracking

The website doesn't help you track your fitness journey or customize your development. It requires a lot of effort to find the right progression and fitness plan on your own. Writing down your progress in a book or Excel allows you to track your fitness journey independently, but requires additional effort to determine the appropriate progression and create personalized routines, as the user must decide the number of reps and plan their own workouts.
The user has to decide for himself how many reps are following and has to create his own routines.


Calisteniapp is a Calisthenics app that offers a free version to all users and an upgrade with a monthly or annual payment to those who want to use it more professionally.
The app presents daily workouts in a visually appealing way, with color coding indicating their level of difficulty: blue for beginners, orange for intermediate, and red for experts. As you progress, you can challenge yourself by moving on to harder variations within each category. The app's user-friendly interface allows for an easy selection of exercises, tracking of progress, and customization of your workout regimen, including the duration of rest periods between sets.


Costs: Free or Paid ($4,99 a month or $29,99 a year) In DE Monthly: 9,99, 3 Months: 24,49€, Yearly 68,99€
Operating Systems: iOS and Android


1. Calisthenics program

It offers an exercise library with more than 30 different calisthenics workouts, with many skills covered from Pull Up to Muscle Up.

2. Smart progression

More than 15 different smart workouts, which get customized after every unit to deliver you the ideal training progression.

3. Challenges

Another positive fact about the calistheniapp is the motivational part. The App opens the chance to take part in 21-day challenges, which encourages your workout routines and generates new habits.


1. Only 3 difficulty levels

The app differentiates only 3 levels, which is not really useful for beginners or for people, who want to achieve certain fitness goals.

2. Not suitable for beginners

There is a lack of concrete information for, for example, break times. This leads to beginners neglecting the breaks and therefore injuring themselves more quickly.

3. Missing focus

The app offers multiple options for bodyweight training, different workout routines, daily workouts and challenges -which can lead to a lack of focus in training.


Freeletics is not a classic calisthenics app, it's a fitness program that provides personalized, bodyweight-based workouts through a mobile app. The program utilizes artificial intelligence to create unique workout plans for each user based on their fitness level, goals, and preferences. Freeletics features training programs with a variety of exercises, including running, bodyweight exercises, and HIIT, and users can train anywhere, at any time, without the need for any equipment. It's not a specific calisthenics program or certain skill training, it covers your overall fitness with for example high-intensity interval training.

Freeletics App

There is also a free version! 
-$3,85 per week for 3 months
-$3,08 per week for 6 months
- $1,92 per week for 12 months
but they charge per year!

Operating Systems: iOS and Android


1. Convenient

Workouts can be done anywhere, at any time, without equipment. Many setting options, for example, i have to train quietly and I can't jump, or I can not train (...) muscle group.

2. Variety

Includes a range of exercises, such as running, bodyweight exercises, and HIIT. Super strenuous and challenging workouts, that motivate you to get better. The exercises can be viewed from different perspectives and texts explain the necessary aspects that should be considered.


1. Not really Calisthenics

Freeletics is more of an interval training with bodyweight exercises. The goals are mainly weight loss, fitness and muscle building. With Freeletics you don't learn typical Calisthenics skills like the Front Lever.

2. Every Workout on Your Limit

The freeletics fitness program doesn't include a specific and personalized exercise routine. That means, that the injury risk is high. In Freeletics workouts, you always train at your maximum heart rate, because you want to be faster than the workout before. This can increase the risk of injury. For example, if you are tired and unfocused during burpees, you drop to the floor and your elbow hurts after 100 burpees. The intensive HIIT training does not take into account the necessary breaks between muscle failure to be able to optimally set muscle growth stimuli.


THENX is a fitness app that provides users with access to a wide range of bodyweight workouts, calisthenics exercises, and weightlifting routines. With a focus on strength and mobility training, the app offers detailed instructions and video demonstrations of each movement, making it easy for users of all fitness levels to follow along. THENX also provides personalized workout plans, progress tracking, and a supportive community for motivation and inspiration. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, THENX can help you reach your fitness goals.

ThenX App

Costs: Free or Paid (£9.99 a month or £89.99 a year)
Operating Systems: iOS and Android


1. Multiple options: 

Accessories are available to maximize performance. From apparel to weighted vests, and wrist wraps to duffle bags,  you can find the right item to enhance your workout and style.

2. Visual Input: 

There are numerous informative and engaging YouTube videos available that can greatly enhance your understanding and proficiency in calisthenics.

3. Cost-effective:

Affordable plans at less than $10 per month.


1. Limited Personalization:

Personalized program customization options are limited. It requires you to self-select workouts from their existing fitness database.

2. Videos:

Shows many videos that can otherwise be accessed on YouTube without the app.


In conclusion, each calisthenics app and training program offers unique features and focuses, catering to different strengths and target groups. Whether it's the user-friendly interface, customized workout plans, or the variety of exercises offered, it's important to consider your personal needs and preferences before choosing the right calisthenics app for you. With the wide range of options available, it's important to do your research and try out a few before finding the one that best fits your fitness journey.

The Unique and Efficient Way to Workout: The Benefits of DIE RINGE calisthenics app

The DIE RINGE app stands out as the best calisthenics app of choice with its convenience, progressive load increase, and smart workout adjustments. It offers free content to unlimited workouts and specific skill training. These features allow for a more personalized and efficient fitness experience, making it easier to reach your goals and improve your overall fitness level. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned calisthenics athlete, DIE RINGE App is a great choice to help you achieve your fitness objectives.

Varied, individual & for every fitness level! Combining sports science and training algorithms, DIE RINGE® is the most effective and personalized calisthenics app for anyone who wants to train calisthenics, with gymnastic rings or weighted calisthenics with training vests or dumbbells.

This workout app is not about just getting fit, but doing something amazing with your body. Learn Calisthenics skills while having fun and staying motivated as a result. Building strength and functional muscles are automatically included.

Learn Calisthenics Skills! Besides more than 500 strength and mobility exercises you can train the most performing calisthenics skills YOU want to learn. With DIE RINGE® you can learn all Calisthenics skills such as Muscle Up, Skin The Cat, Front Lever, Back Lever, Pull Up, Dip, One Arm Pull Up and many more.

DieRingeApp Push Ups

1. Discover Your Inner Athlete: Train for Muscle Ups, Front Levers, and More with DIE RINGE App

You have access to workout plans of specific calisthenics skills such as Muscle up, Front lever, and Back lever... or you can challenge yourself in mobility exercises. From beginner programs to advanced movements!

2. Unlock Your Full Fitness Potential with the Customized Workout Plans of the DIE RINGE App

The DIE RINGE app is a cutting-edge fitness solution that utilizes AI technology to create highly personalized workout programs and plans. The app uses advanced algorithms to analyze your fitness goals, needs, and preferences and then generates a customized workout plan tailored specifically to you. With its innovative KI-driven approach, the DIE RINGE app is able to create workout routines that are focused, effective, and efficient, helping you to achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively than ever before. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the DIE RINGE app is the perfect tool for taking your fitness to the next level.

3. Maximize Your Fitness Journey with Pro Tips on Training, Nutrition, and Sports

The Pro Tips are exciting topics around fitness, muscle building, sports and nutrition. Either in your training break, you can browse through something here, or search specifically for certain topics. To stay up to date and learn new things about sports, fitness and calisthenics.

4. Discover Your Perfect Training Style with DIE RINGE App: From Calisthenics to Weighted Workouts

The DIE RINGE App offers the opportunity to select workout modes and different training styles. If you prefer to train in calisthenics parcs, you can choose calisthenics or ring training. If you go to the gym or have weights at home, you are able to choose the weighted calisthenics program.

5. Achieve a Balanced Physique with DIE RINGE's Leg Training Programs

With the DIE RINGE app, you can also train your legs to achieve a well-rounded physique. You can choose to train using only your body weight or add weights to your routine. The app's carefully crafted training plans ensure that you don't neglect your legs in your calisthenics and strength training. The plans include exercises that specifically target your legs and help you develop skills like the Pistol Squat and Shrimp Squat. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced athlete, the DIE RINGE app has a leg workout plan that will help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall strength and mobility. Don't miss the chance to train your legs and take your calisthenics skills to the next level with DIE RINGE.

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6. The app recognizes your weak points

Based on your training data, the app recognizes deficits and adjusts the training accordingly. To avoid imbalances and injuries, the app reacts to your performance and changes your training plan accordingly.

7. Grow and Learn with DIE RINGE Community: Join Us on Instagram and YouTube for Engaging Content

Join the DIE RINGE community on Instagram or YouTube for regular updates, training tips, and fun videos. Stay informed and entertained while learning and growing as a member of the community. Engage with others and participate in interactive content to enhance your experience. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to be a part of a dynamic and supportive community.


Die Ringe App Weekly Planer

The DIE RINGE Calisthenics workout app offers a variety of features to help users achieve their fitness goals. One of the key features is the coach, which allows you to choose your goals, such as learning calisthenics skills, building muscle in the lower or upper body, or improving mobility. Users can choose between calisthenics, ring training, and weight training. The calisthenics mastery app uses an algorithm to classify users based on their current training status and suggests skills they can learn. The algorithm also calculates personalized workout plans and presents weekly schedules to achieve your personal goals.

Start your Calisthenics Journey

and master your first Calisthenics Skills!